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Remote PDB clone may no longer work after 12.2 October RU

We have recently patched all our PDB’s with October 12.2 RU and afterwards discovered that a remote clone via a DB link aborted with the following error:

alert.log destination CDB: 
CREATE PLUGGABLE DATABASE pdb1 FROM pdb2@clone_link file_name_convert=('+DATAS/','+DATAS','+DATAFSD/','+DATAFSD','+DATAFS/','+DATAFS','+TMP/','+TMP') standbys=none 
Undo Create of Pluggable Database BOLOKAT1_ with pdb id - 12. 
ORA-17628 signalled during: CREATE PLUGGABLE DATABASE pdb1 FROM polokat1@clone_lin file_name_ 

alert.log source CDB: 
Errors in file /oradata/u00/app/oracle/diag/rdbms/po21ms01_10/po21ms01/trace/po21ms01_ora_24300.trc: 
ORA-01031: insufficient privileges 

After a short visit to Oracle Support I found the following note which solves the problem.

DOC ID 2386084.1

We have used the SYSTEM user in our scripts for remote cloning and this user explicitly needs the create pluggable database grant to perform the clone after installing the RU

sql> grant create pluggable database to system;

After the grant everything works like expected

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