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Why should I upgrade to Oracle 19c?

The new Oracle version 19c is already in the starting blocks. At the moment the last phase of the beta program is in progress. I was able to test various functions and which offer new functions in almost all areas of the database. (Multitenancy, In Memory, Json support etc.)
For all those who didn’t have the opportunity to participate in the beta program or don’t have the time to deal with the new features in detail, there are short videos available on the following Youtube channel in which the product managers explain the most important innovations. I can recommend these videos to everyone.

Youtube Videos about Oracle 19c

Should I upgrade to version 19c if I don’t need any new features ?
Yes, because 19c is the terminal release of 12c, so this is the release with the longterm support until March 2026. Detail can be found in Note 742060.1

Simplified upgrade with the new Autoupgrade Tool
Another innovation is the simplified upgrade of an Oracle database with the new Autoupgrade Tool from Oracle. This is still in the beta phase and should be released this year. I received a trial version from Mike Dietrich and the results were very good.
This will be the first time that it will be possible to upgrade a database fully automatically. As soon as the tool is officially available, I will of course post a blog post about it. More Details and a Slide Deck about it can be found on Mike Dietrichs Blog

Free tip
At the latest with the upgrade to 19c I would recommend to switch to Singletenant (1 CBD with a PDB), because you already hear rumors that with release 20 the nonCDB architecture is no longer supported


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