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Why an insurance company started blogging about databases … and even stirred worldwide interest and echo

For more than a year now we’ve been publishing posts here in our database blog – and they were already called up about 28,000 times by database nerds like you from all over the world. But wait a minute: how did that happen? An insurance company publishes reviews on databases – and the international database world is highly interested? Why in the world … ?

So: let’s go waaaaaay back to where it all began

Once upon a time (well, actually it was in May 2017), the database team of Swiss Mobiliar’s own IT launched this database blog. From time to time we told you about our daily experiences in dealing with our different database systems (Oracle, Microsoft, DB/2).
How did we install the one or the other DB component? How did we solve tricky problems? Which hurdles had to be overcome? Where did we succeed in decisively improving the performance of the systems with one single but brilliant trick?

Leading in many ways … and (why not?) quite proud to do so

What most of our non-IT-colleagues at Swiss Mobiliar may not be really aware of: They have some real good DBA cracks in their house – and they actually could be really proud of them – if they only knew (and cared). We are at the forefront of many issues when manufacturers’ laboratories want to test and establish their latest developments. We obviously belong to a small, privileged circle of companies worldwide because of our large amount of experience and successes we could achieve over the last years. Therefore Swiss Mobiliar’s IT has become quite a prestigious reference address for many database experts. Our DB specialists regularly appear at international conferences and not only convince with their technical know-how, but also with their sometimes quite thrilling and interesting performances. In the meantime they already have assembled quite a collection of “best speaker’s awards”.

And then: why even bother about blogging?

Most of the conferences are scheduled only once a year. But in between we find out about a lot of things in daily business that can be valuable for many of you constant followers. With the blog, we have the opportunity to actively exchange info with all of YOU experts around the world at any time – and also benefit from YOUR experience. A real win-win situation! (And by the way: Thanks a lot to YOU ALL for your contributions!)
In addition, the image of Swiss Mobiliar as an IT employer has changed significantly with the blog: Compared to – let’s say – 10 years ago, it is now regarded as a pioneer who offers challenging tasks in highly interesting fields and great development opportunities for IT specialists. That is why the blog is now also used by our HR guys as an element of their “Employee Branding” section in our job advertisements. In the global “war for DB talents”, this will make it easier for us to get the above-average candidates on board from a promising number of applicants. (Speaking about interesting jobs at Swiss Mobiliar: We are pushing the digital upgrade. Therefore we are investing CHF 250 million over the next few years and are looking for not less than 150 employees! Have a look!)

Respected reference customer

Cooperation with our suppliers has also intensified once more: As a reference customer, we are not only involved in technological developments at an early stage. The manufacturers also repeatedly mention us in various white papers, case studies and success stories. They often link to our contributions from their own websites and blogs. Swiss Mobiliar’s IT is present on all channels and is therefore quite often a topic during discussions in the world of DB Experts around the world.
We should not forget to say “thanks” to our Corporate Communication guys at Swiss Mobiliar: They not only helped us to launch this blog, but are quite actively contributing to its continuing success: With posts on our company’s official Twitter and Facebook channels, they provide even greater publicity for our database news. Thanks a lot, guys!
Apart from you, our many followers, and your numerous active feedbacks to our posts, something else has quite remarkably changed: If, like 10 years ago, some applicant for a job would for example have looked up on Google, what Swiss Mobiliar did in the wide field of data bases, he would have found … well, let’s say it quite frankly: nothing, A-B-S-O-L-U-T-E-L-Y N-O-T-H-I-N-G! Today it’s the other way around: Start a Google search for the latest Oracle version “Oracle XE 18c” – and at about the third or fourth place of the search results you’ll already find the database blog you are now reading. Even here we’re at the forefront – and proud of that, too.






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