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OpenDoor@Mobiliar – Looking back in order to look forward

Finally, September 4 arrived. After different conference calls, mails, blog posts and tweets it seemed that we were ready. The agenda was clear, open questions from developers and architects were provided to be addressed during the presentations, technical equipment was ready, catering was organized (by the way: a big thanks to Oracle for Sponsoring  🙂  ).

But as the saying goes: sh** happens: On 7:00 a.m. I got a mail from our main speaker Faris, saying he would not be able to attend due to sickness. From that moment on we’ve been truly in agile mode. How to obtain a speaker for the opening and key note of the event? We managed it – thanks to Andreas and Hannes who took care of the topic.

It was really a pity, because Faris put a lot of effort in the preparation of his presentation including all the answers to the questions we submitted to him.

At nine o’clock it was clear: we had to postpone Faris’ topics and start with the Mobiliar presentation held by Christian Hählen.



Christian Hählen, Die Mobiliar

Alexandru Dimofte with NoSQL started earlier than scheduled to deliver the second presentation. So we had two NoSQL centric sessions as a warm up. Thanks, mates!

In the meantime Andreas Postl and Hannes Gütlin rearranged Faris’ presentation from their point of view. They focused on containers in the cloud and API management, using containers for your software and the API management to define proper interfaces in our connected services environment. Carsten Talheimer’s speech on MySQL for developers concluded our event.

The event was – after all – a success. It didn’t run exactly as we planned it, but nevertheless it was very interesting. In peak times about 100 people were present in our aula. There was a lot of discussion and interaction with the speakers. I was very glad to see that besides our home-based Mobiliar employees more than 10% of the participants came from outside Mobiliar, having been reached by social media or our database blog. Thanks for attending!

During lunchtime, we could do some networking and record a few statements by participants on video.

The quest for Docker

Dockers is a very hot topic at Mobiliar: We are currently undergoing a lot of discussions about which is the best database platform that can support the needs of our architects and developers.

The main questions that are still open are IMHO:

  • Which is the best way to deliver an Oracle Instance inside a Docker container?
  • How small can we make this image?
  • What is the fastest way to start an image? Is it possible to start an image in < 20 seconds?
  • Is it possible to run a Docker image on local machines, on development laptops? Which Edition (EE, SE, XE, others) is available and recommended with 12.2?
  • What is the licensing model behind Dockers and Oracle: do we have to license the whole Kubernetes cluster (if we run on premise)?
  • What is the licensing model if we used Oracle containers in the Cloud, i.e. in a Kubernetes IaaS?

Oracle promised to address the questions with their product management and proposed to dig deeper into the subject. We are looking forward for the next session or workshop Oracle will propose us – and of course we will tell you about it in this blog right on time. So: Stay tuned!

Help us improving – please share your feedback

We run these events for you. For those of you, who participated in our event on September 4: please share your feedback with us. We plan to organize more events like this. How can we improve them?

What was good? What can we do better? Which are the open points we should address with Oracle? Just fill in the form or drop us an e-mail, we really would appreciate it very much.

Oh yes, before I forget: Handouts of the presentations will be put on this blog in the next days, so that everybody will be able to download them. How to stay informed and engage in the discussion? Follow us on this BLOG, post a comment or follow us on Twitter.


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