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June, 2 2017 – Upgrade Workshop Mike Dietrich @dieMobiliar

On Friday, 2nd of June, Mike Dietrich held one of his famous Workshops in front of an audience of app. 70 DBAs from all over Switzerland. His topic was “How to upgrade to Oracle 12.2”.


During the workshop my team mate Alain Fuhrer was asked to enter the stage and present the Mobiliar Customer Case about the upgrade to Oracle 12.2.


Mobiliar has already been a reference customer for the 12.1 upgrade and now is reference customer for the Oracle 12.2 upgrade, too. Mobiliar finished upgrading all of her Oracle instances to 12.1 in April 2016. Now we are starting with the 12.2 upgrade. Our goal is to finish the upgrade by the end of 2018.


We also plan to consolidate all our databases on Oracle Multitenant during the upgrade.

Learn more about our experiences with 12.2 in our blog: For example you’ll find an article about RMAN sync problems we encountered.

The slides we presented can be downloaded from our blog, too.


The workshop was a success, people asked for more event opportunities like this here in Switzerland. At the end, everybody was more than satisfied – as you can see from the smiling faces of Mike Dietrich and Mobiliar’s Oracle DBAs.

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