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Mobiliar Database Blog – Why an insurance company starts blogging about databases

Some years ago I was working for Oracle University. At that time, I had applied for an Oracle DBA Job at Swiss Mobiliar Insurance Company Ltd. – aka Mobiliar. To prepare myself for the interview, I googled about Oracle and Mobiliar, but didn’t find that much. To be honest: I found nothing at all.

After that, I googled for Thomas Baumann (btw: we’re really proud that he joined us as one of our DB-bloggers!). This time I was lucky: I found quite a lot of articles about DB2 performance tuning, congresses he had attended and much more. I was quite astonished that he has been awarded several times as speaker of the year by IDUG (International DB2 Users Group). So I began to wonder why a company with such a clear strength on DB2 was actually looking for an Oracle Database Administrator.

Meanwhile seven years have passed. I accepted the job and found a complex landscape with many opportunities for improvement. We were working very hard, came out of the quicksand and eventually reached the open plains.

Mobiliar is still a key player in DB2 innovation, but is now also considered a forerunner in terms of Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server.

So we can tell interesting stories today: We are a reference customer for Oracle 12c Upgrade (visit Mike Dietrich’s blog for more), as well as for the In-Memory option (again: have a look at the Oracle In-Memory blog). We published a case study about Oracle In-Memory and held two presentations at Oracle Open World. One slide of Alain’s presentation will be added in an official Oracle white paper as an example of multitenant implementation. We have been speaking several times at the Swiss and German Oracle User Group and the Oracle Magazine and Business News of the German Oracle User Group published articles about us.

We are also well positioned regarding Microsoft SQL Server: As Christian is a co-organizer of the PASS Chapter Switzerland for the events in Bern, he is testing with Microsoft MS SQL on Linux and has already been invited to speak at a future Microsoft event in Bern.

During the different presentations we held, we were asked several times by attendees about where they could possibly find more information about our work. Therefore today we are happy and proud to start this blog, trying to share interesting information for other database geeks worldwide – including you!

And, as a side effect, the next applicant for a DBA job at Mobiliar will hopefully find some more information while surfing the web about what goes on in the database environment @mobiliar.


2 Responses to “Mobiliar Database Blog – Why an insurance company starts blogging about databases”

  1. Jochen Maas

    Thank you very much for this great initiative! Once again myself and Die Mobiliar is proud of this team. Constantly all the team members are doing a great job and making it possible that there is a great spirit all around the DB topics within Die Mobiliar and beyond. And furthermore they tell their success stories all over the world. Once again… thank you for that!!

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  2. Thomas

    Dear Paolo and team,
    is great that you started sharing your personal story and contribute to the community. Nothing is better for your team and other customers out there than gaining through sharing of insights. Please consider making your conference papers available ONLINE. Its a great asset for anyone, who seeks guidance.
    Thanks for the wonderful cooperation & stay tuned to data management

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