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Pre-christmas gifts

Although we were busy with migrations, new projects and the planning for 2017, there was time for some gifts before christmas:

  • Since this month we have the first two applications in production on MS SQL Server 2016, a success without any bigger troubles. Sharepoint was cooperative without the smallest protest and our self-developed SQLMon reporting only needed some fixes in hardcoded pathes to the powershell modules and the assembly-fixing for WMI / SMO. SQL Server 2016 is fun, runs smooth without any surprises. Starting from January 2017 it is the preferred version for all our applications coming to MS SQL Server, requiring a migration or needing a new instance. Behind the scenes we will be testing the extensions of the AllwaysOn Availability Groubs: Healthchecking on database level instead of only cluster / replica.
  • Also since this month we are testing SQL Server vNext on Linux. We were very curious for the moment of Microsoft fulfilling their promise of making SQL Server available on Linux (and Mac). This could give some performance gain on the VM side and speed up the setup of new servers and instances. And thanks to the docker support maybe we can bring SQL Server into our development environment? We will see:
    • Installing SQL Server vNext on Linux is very fast and smooth, single requirement: Enough space. After the first extension the installation ran for 30 seconds, after the second extension I was able to push the backup of our performance-test database to the server and after the third I could also restore it. The update to CTP 1.1 was through in 15 seconds, I would love to see this on a windows machine…!
    • On features CTP 1.0 and 1.1 on Linux are very limited. The list is long and to be found at For first tryouts it will do, the connection with Management Studio (2106 oder vNext) works fine. But also Management Studio is still limited: setting DB-paths (default and System-DBs) is not possible, increasing the compatibility level (new 140) is not settable on restored DBs. The configuratoin tool is at least capable of setting the default path, the tempdb afterwards gets moved to the default-DB datapath, better than nothing.
    • Most amused I was about two things:
      • Management Studio shows paths slightly unusual: C:\var\opt\mssql is the default path. A C: Drive in Linux (wink) After changing with the mssql-conf utility the C: vanishes and the “\” get to decent “/”. But caution: The filebrowser of Management Studio (open backupfiles etc) gets the default path as root directory, all inserted paths (with and without “/” at the beginning) get interpreted from this root point. If one wishes to start a path at the real Linux root path, has to start the path with “C:”, they can’t stay without it… Using after this slash or backslash is not of importance to the Management Studio dialogs.
      • The comment in the releasenotes: “SQL Server Engine expects lines in text files to be terminated with CR-LF (Windows-style line formatting).”. Obviously, the whole thing is not yet fully away from windows  (wink)
    • As next steps the new server will be tested heavily!

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